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Traveler’s Insights and Tips

  • What is Tinga Tinga?

    Tinga Tinga is art style originating from East Arica and created by Tanzanian artist Edward Saidi Tingatinga. The colorful style is known for its enamel paint, decorative patterns, repetitive use of animals and most notably – the secret dots.
  • What are Some Reasons to Buy Tinga Tinga Paintings? 

    Aside from the artistic display of bright colors, decorative patterns, and bold enamel dots, Tinga Tinga paintings are highly sought after works of art, popular by many artists. Whether you are looking to add to your collection or to start one, a Tinga Tinga in an inexpensive way to do so that can prove to be lucrative one day. All of the artwork on display at the Tinga Tinga Market is available for purchase.
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